Keep Australia, Australian

  • Stop immigration
  • No military deployment outside Australia
  • Australian inventions to remain in Australian hands
  • Australia to be food and technology sufficient
  • Stop Australian companies being sold and the work going overseas
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Stronger Communities

  • We need to build a strong community
  • Banning of McMansions
  • Banning multi story complexes because nowhere for children to play
  • Replace cats and dogs with endangered species eg: spotted quolls
  • Retirement villages to be government owned to eliminate excessive profits being stolen from the elderly
  • Child care to be government owned or organised
  • All children must be taught to swim
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  • Food and water policy
  • All genetically modified (gm) crops not to be grown in Australia or high breed (f1) seeds used
  • All farmers to be paid by government to teach them better practices in their fields
  • Cotton and rice not to be grown in Australia to be replaced by other crops which require low water and pesticides such as hemp
  • Keeping our farmland for food and not to grow houses
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  • No more toll ways to be owned by private business it will be owned by federal and state governments only
  • De-privatisation of public assets
  • Train our own people to fill infrastructure instead of importing foreigners
  • Reintroducing of public works
  • Inferior workmanship of infrastructure needs to be repaired replaced at the expense of the responsible organisation not the rate or tax payer
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Fairer Business, Cutting the Cost of Living

  • Standard clothing sizes
  • Introducing the lemon law any expenses incurred to be paid by the warranter
  • Non-use of utilities passing your property should mean no charges
  • No GST charged to Pensioners, Centrelink recipients for utilities and services
  • Customers who have low usage on their utilities bills should be charged lower usage rates than high volume users
  • Fee’s to be paid by banks when errors occur that should pay penalties and customers out of pocket expenses
  • Non-profit health care providers
  • No excessive wages for CEO’s
  • All directors to be on the board of only one company at a time
  • No promotion of incompetent people
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  • All new homes to have water tanks, solar hot water, solar power and all waste to be recycled
  • Making CBD buildings self sufficient
  • All products need to be 100% recyclable
  • All products must be repairable and recyclable
  • All rubbish dumps to be tapped for methane to generate power
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  • More reliable and efficient public transport
  • No heavy vehicles on roads in peak hour except emergency vehicles, public transport and Taxi’s
  • Banning all parking meters in residential areas
  • Banning of off road 4 wheel drives vehicles from city limits
  • All leaner drivers must do an advanced drivers course before receiving their P’s
  • All slow drivers on highways to be booked if they don’t stay in the left lane
  • All slow drivers to be booked if they are traveling more than 10klms under the speed limit
  • No P plate or leaner drivers to drive high performance vehicles
  • Drivers licence’s must be endorsed for the vehicles they are driving Eg: mini to 4wd then they need to be trained and tested again
  • All local areas to have methane generators
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Government & Electoral Reform

  • Revise electoral rules, guidelines and expenditure
  • Politicians to receive the average person’s wages and benefits
  • Banning of self-regulating to be governed by government
  • Reform of electoral laws
  • The registration fee needs to cover the entire cost of the campaign no additional funds from donations, sponsors to be used to make all candidates have equal opportunity
  • No politicians to be given political or government jobs after leaving politics
  • Revise the laws on freedom of speech and discrimination
  • Fraudulent promises policies broken will resort to dismissal and not allowed to stand in the same electoral year
  • No extravagant payouts for politicians
  • Politicians not to receive early super payouts must reach retirement age
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Local Council Reform

  • Local councillors wages slashed
  • Land rates determined by income
  • Councillors sacked cannot stand again
  • No person to hold 2 positions eg: mayor and member of state parliament
  • Restructure of councils guidelines and responsibilities
  • If unable to pay rates council cannot impound the property must issue payment plan with no interest
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Making the Justice System Just

  • Fixing unjust laws
  • Banning corrupt solicitors from practicing for life
  • Contracted judges based on performance
  • Stopping people claiming liability when they injure themselves on private property
  • Corrupt judges dismissed and made payable for costs
  • Poor legal advice and documentation will be at the expense of the legal bodies
  • Non-disclosure clauses to be banned
  • Eliminate solicitors from accident claims have set price claims with exemptions which will eliminate excessive medical fees
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Law and Order

  • An inquiry into crime and the causes and the solutions
  • Convicted criminals shall have their names and faces shown
  • Revising the laws regarding the rights of the criminals over the victims
  • New laws to protect the vulnerable against criminal acts sentences should be doubled
  • Legalise all drugs to stop criminal activity drugs to be sold over the counter at the local police stations all funds saved to be used for the rehabilitation of drug addicts
  • Nominated areas for graffiti artists
  • Graffiti artists caught spray painting outside the nominated areas will be banned and made to clean up the mess and have their murals removed from the nominated areas as their punishment
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